Riga Airmuseum is unique in the Baltic countries and one of the largest in Europe. It's collection of Soviet aircraft is also the greatest in in outside of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

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Kamov Ka-26

In our Museum this type of helicopter is presented by two-pilot training variant. Registration number CCCP-24057, Aeroflot colours.

Kamov Ka-26 first flight was performed on 18th august, 1965 (test-pilot V. Gromov). In 1966 this helicopter was awarded with Gold Medal at International Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Exhibition and in 1967 was introduced at Paris International Airshow in Le-Bourget.

This type was the first Soviet-built helicopter certified under USA airworthiness rules FAR-29 and was the sole helicopter type designed in USSR only for civil aviation use.

Cessna-150А - easy multi-purpose plane

Number - D-EMEН (cn 15059081). The plane of 1961 of construction.

Antonov An-24B

The Antonov An-24 is a 44-seat twin turboprop transport manufactured in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine) by the Antonov Design Bureau. First flown in 1960, it has a range of 2,400 km (1,490 miles) and a cruising speed of 450 km/h (280 mph). Its NATO reporting name is Coke. Over 1,000 examples were built and about 300 are still in service worldwide, specially in the CIS and Africa. China''s Xian Aircraft Manufacturing Company makes copies of the An-24 as the Y-7.

Antonov An-14A ''Pcholka''(Bee) Light transport plane

Reg.Number 01 red (cn 902614).
Date of issue 01/30/1969 - built by "Progress" (factory # 116) at Arsenyev(Russian far east).

Aerodrome fire-fighting vehicle AA-60 (MAZ-7310)

In 1974 at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy, a new prototype modification (MAZ-7310) was presented. It has been in production since 1976.

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