Kamov Ka-26

Kamov Ka-26

In our Museum this type of helicopter is presented by two-pilot training variant. Registration number CCCP-24057, Aeroflot colours.

Kamov Ka-26 first flight was performed on 18th august, 1965 (test-pilot V. Gromov). In 1966 this helicopter was awarded with Gold Medal at International Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Exhibition and in 1967 was introduced at Paris International Airshow in Le-Bourget.

This type was the first Soviet-built helicopter certified under USA airworthiness rules FAR-29 and was the sole helicopter type designed in USSR only for civil aviation use.

Kamov Ka-26 production was performed by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant since January 1969 and was continued till 1977. 850 helicopters were built, among them 150 helicopters for export to 13 countries where they were used mainly for agricultural spraying duties, but Hungary and Bulagaria also used Kamov Ka-26 in some military roles – as troop transport and scout.

Kamov Ka-26 holds five aviation world records, among them is climb record – 5330 meters (for helicopters with take-off weight 1750 – 3000 kg) and rate of climb record – it gained altitude of 3000 meters in 51 seconds.

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