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Sukhoi Su-7U

At the beginning of 1960's Sukhoi Design Bureau finished to develop its new fighter-bomber Su-7B («Fitter») and another important task arised — to make two-seat training variant of this type. This objective was urgent because Su-7B was hard to control, especially on landing and critical flight stages. Two-seater, designated Su-7U («Moujik»), destined to make training process easier and quicker for pilots.

Sukhoi Su-7BKL

In 1960's there was wide spread opinion among military specialists that military jets have to be able to fly on soft-surface runways during war conflicts. Because main (concrete) runways could be easily put out of operation by the enemy strikes. This idea influenced on new variant of the wide-spread Sukhoi Su-7B fighter-bomber — Su-7BKL (NATO-code «Fitter»).

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