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MiG-23MF - fighter aircraft

(Flogger-B) This was another export derivative of MiG-23M, intended to be exported to Warsaw Pact countries but it was also sold to many other allies and clients, as most export customers were dissatisfied with rather primitive MiG-23MS. It actually came in two versions: first one was sold to Warsaw Pact allies, and it was essentially identical to Soviet MiG-23M, with small changes in IFF and communications equipment. Second variant was sold outside Eastern Europe and it had different IFF and communications suite (with datalink usually removed) and downgraded radar, which lacked the anti-ECM features and modes of the baseline 'High Lark'.

MiG-23M - fighter aircraft

('Flogger-B'). This variant first flew at June 1972. It was the first truly mass-produced version of MiG-23, and the first VVS fighter to feature look down/shoot down capabilities (although this capability was initially very limited). Wing was modified again and now featured leading-edge slats. R-29-300 engine was now rated for 12500kp.

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