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Mig-21BIS - Single-seat multi-role fighter

Number - 76 yellow (cn 50027021).
(Fishbed-L) Single-seat multi-role fighter, ground-attack aircraft. The final production model. This version is powered by a Tumansky R-25-300 turbojet engine.

MiG-21US - Two-seat training fighter

Further development of famous Mikoyan MiG-21 Fishbed single-seat variant demanded upgrade of two-seat trainer — MiG-21U (Mongol-A). New modification was designated MiG-21US (Mongol-B) and performed its first flight in 1966. If to compare with earlier series MiG-21US received new, more powerful, engine R-11F2S-300, ejection seats KM-1M, increased fuel load (2030 kg (2450 litres)) and enlarged verical fin, the same as for MiG-21PFM and later variants. During production on rear canopy was installed rising mirror to improve instructor's field of view on take-off or landing.

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