Riga Airmuseum is unique in the Baltic countries and one of the largest in Europe. It's collection of Soviet aircraft is also the greatest in in outside of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

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Mil Mi-24 combat helicopter

The Mil Mi-24 is a large combat helicopter gunship and low-capacity troop transport operated from 1976 by the Soviet Air Force, its successors, and over thirty other nations.

Its NATO reporting name is Hind and variants are identified with an additional letter. The export versions, Mi-25 and Mi-35, are denoted as Hind D and Hind E respectively. Soviet pilots called the aircraft 'letayushiy tank' or flying tank. Another common nickname is 'Krokodil' (Crocodile) - due to the helicopter's camouflage and hull shape.

Mi-2 - Helicopter multifunction use

The Mil Mi-2 (NATO reporting name is "Hoplite") was a small, lightly armored transport helicopter that could also provide close air support when armed with 57 mm rockets and a 23 mm cannon. It was first introduced into the Soviet Air Force in 1965. The Mi-2 was produced exclusively in Poland, in the WSK factory in Swidnik. Production ended in 1985 after about 7,200 were made.


The Mil Mi-1 (originally known to US intelligence as the Type-32 and later by the NATO reporting name Hare) was a Soviet three-seat light utility helicopter. It is powered by one 575 hp Ivchenko AI-26V radial. It entered service in 1950 and was first seen on the 1951 Soviet Aviation Day, Tushino and has since been produced for 16 years with several hundred built.

Aero L-29 Delfin

The Aero L-29 Delfin (Czech: "Dolphin", NATO reporting name: Maya) was a military jet trainer aircraft that became the standard jet trainer for the air forces Warsaw Pact nations in the 1960s. It was Czechoslovakia's first locally designed and built jet aircraft.

Glider L-13 Blanik

The L-13 Blanik was designed by engineer Karel Dlouhý of VZLÚ Letňany in 1956. New design utilized experience and ideas gained with the Letov XLF-207 Laminar, the first Czech glider which used laminar flow wing profile. Two-seater L-13 was intended for initial and professional training.

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